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Mining Plan Approval System (MPAS)



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Q1.    How do I login to Mining Plan Aproval System or what are the prerequisites for login ?
Ans: To login to Mining Plan the following is required:

      a. ‘Mine Owner’ user id and password which you received from the ‘Registration Module’ at (Sample user id: 189947).
      b.  Ensure that the credentials are valid. If you are able to login with the credentials in ‘Registration Module’ then you will be able to login into  the
          ‘Mining Plan’ module with the same credentials. Use ‘Mine Owner’ login tab at Your customized dashboard will be

Q2.    I have logged in but one or all lease/leases are not listed in the dashboard. What can I do?
Ans. Check the following in 'Registration Module at If any one task is incomplete the particular lease details will not be listed.

      a. Check if all details of the lease are  updated in the ‘Registration Module’.
      b. Check if the lease details are  ‘APPROVED’  by the respective Regional Office/RCOM.

Q3.    I have forgot the password, how can I reset it?
Ans: To reset the password, go to and follow the instruction therein. Once the password is reset at, the same will work for also.

Q4.    Is e-signing of Mining Plan Submission compulsory?
Ans. Yes, aadhaar based e-signing of the Mining Plan is compulsory. You do not require a dongle based digital sign. Only a aadhaar number with linked mobile number is required. 

Q5.    How do I pay the fees for Mining Plan Approval?
Ans. The payment is to be made at, the receipt and transaction ID is to be entered under ‘Payment’ section. The payment section will display the respective fees amount as well as the details of PAo to whom the payment is to be made. 

Q6.    Can I withdraw the submitted Mining Plan?
Ans. Yes. You can send a ‘Withdrawal’ request from your dashboard. This request will go to the respective RCOM and once the RCOM approves the request, the mining plan will be withdrawn from the approval/inspection process. No refunds of fees will be given.

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